Notification of STD/STI Exposure

Immediate precautions to take

Visit the World Health Organization site to learn more about STIs. (recommended)

Getting tested might be a good idea, or at least asking yourself "when was the last time I got tested?" Even if you feel there is only a slight chance you may have been exposed to a Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection. It's common for some infections to show no symptoms, so the only way to know for sure is to get tested.

Each year, an estimated 500 million people acquire one of four sexually transmitted infections: chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and trichomoniasis. These four are generally curable with existing, effective single-dose regimens of antibiotics.

Some good news: many STIs are curable and can be easily treated. Testing kits can be found online and might be a good first step to take. See our Help Center for a list of support sites and STD Check for ordering testing kits.

We are an anonymous notification service and are inherently open to abuse, pranks and mistaken alerts. However, if you are being harassed with messages, please contact us or add your number to our blacklist.

    You may have been exposed to

    Signs & Symptoms of Chlamydia


    • Abdominal pain
    • Low-grade fever
    • Abnormal vaginal discharge
    • Bleeding between menstrual periods
    • Sex can be painful
    • Pain or a burning feeling while urinating
    • Swelling inside the vagina or around the anus
    • The urge to urinate more than usual
    • Vaginal bleeding after intercourse
    • Yellowish discharge from the cervix that may have a strong smell


    • Pain or a burning feeling while urinating
    • Puss or watery or milky discharge from the penis
    • Swollen or tender testicles
    • Swelling around the anus

    Learn more about Chlamydia (Planned Parenthood)

    Find a Clinic

    Searching for local clinics is delegated to, an affiliate website of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Submitting this form with a valid zip code will redirect you to their site with the search results.

    DISCLAIMER: We are an anonymous notification service. We are not medical doctors and are not qualified to diagnose, treat or offer medical advise. You should consult a doctor and get tested if you feel its possible you may have been exposed to an STD/STI.

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