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Sending a Message

Help slow the spread of STDs and STIs by letting your sexual partner(s) know if they have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease/infection. The whole process only takes a minute. Here are the steps:

Select one or more STDs/STIs you may have.

Enter the phone number of the person you might have contracted the STD/STI from or given it to.

We send a short and discreet message to that person with a link to this site and a code they can use to retrieve their message. The message indicates they may have been exposed to the diseases/infections you selected and some next steps they can take.

The recipient will be given the opportunity to reply to your message, and if you want, you can send them a response back. Replies are anonymous, since it's all managed through the app. This feature requires the notification to be "unlocked."

An example of the text message we send:

A past sexual partner has sent you a message concerning your health. Visit to retrieve your message and reply.

Notification monitoring

Sign up for an account to monitor your notifications and find out when they are read. This feature lets you know if your message was received or lost in cyberspace. You can even setup alerts, so you know immediately when your message is read.

However, this feature is not free. You can "unlock" a notification with a coupon code or by paying a dollar. Coupons may be found around the internet or may be provided by local organizations, such as high schools and colleges. If you don't have a coupon, then you can pay with a credit card. We use Stripe™ for processing payments, and do not store any credit card information.

We've never taken outside funding, never needed to, but hosting isn't free. Besides a few donations here and there, we pay for everything out-of-pocket. The goal of the new service is to help cover the cost of keeping the site running.

Starting the conversation

The hardest step to take is usually the first step. Regardless of whether or not you've caught it or spread it, you're gonna have to deal with it.

You can tell the person face-to-face, over the phone, using our service, or any other creative way you may come up with. The important thing is that you tell them. Not enough people do.

We recommend having the conversation in person, if possible (this can't be emphasized enough). Check out How to Tell Someone You Have an STD, if you're looking for ways to approach the subject. Courtesy of our friends at the STD Project.