The Team was created by two brothers to fill a gap in the fight against the spread of STDs/STIs.

Meet the brothers

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Alaun Buckley
CEO Buckley Innovations, LLC.

A native of Maui, Hawaii, Alaun graduated from Hana High School in 1992. Shortly after graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard where he is currently finishing his final few years to retirement in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He hatched the idea for a website offering anonymous third party notification in a very simplistic and safe environment. The drive behind this came when he learned a close friend of his had tested positive for HPV and had subsequently developed pre-cancerous cells. Feeling compelled to do something, he began researching the virus and discovered there is currently no effective test for men. This was the final piece needed to set things in motion.

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Ryan Buckley
CTO Buckley Innovations LLC.

Ryan is the developer. He lives in San Francisco and writes software for a startup. If you encounter any issues using the site, feel free to reach out to @arebuckley on Twitter or using the contact form.

Anonymous STD notification. Email and text messaging notification of STD/STI exposure. Dont spread it aims to stop, or at least slow, the spread of STDs.